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   La ruta de las almas

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 "THE ROAD OF THE SOULS" Documentary




"Several years ago, while walking through the streets of Jerusalem, I decided to begin a musical project that would highlight the interconnection and harmony of our human experience.  I too come from a place where elements of conflict and difference are the people's daily fare.  As a musician, the path I have always traveled is that of creating art and beauty with others, no matter what their origins. Playing with musicians in the Middle East, I felt and heard a deep connection with my own music.   


Thus began my journey on the Road of the Souls - a musical documentary and CD project that explores the beauty of the soul's expression through sound... and how people are deeply and intrinsically united over time and space on a road we travel together.   La Ruta de las Almas is a story of recognizing our common bonds and appreciating our differences - a story of roots that extend beyond our nationalities, our beliefs, our memory... and beyond our family tree. 


This project travels through five countries speaking and collaborating with artists spanning over twelve nationalities. Our team has collected interviews, footage, and sound for the documentary and the songs I composed inspired by this  of coexistence. These twelve songs are about the connections I see and hear in the world - and about the past, present, and future explorers on this common path. "



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